2020 Social Calendar for DE Alumni

  • February 27, 2020
2020 Social Calendar for DE Alumni


It was an absolute pleasure to get to see so many brothers turn out for the first Convivium this Alumni Chapter has celebrated in many years. We had a great turn out that covered a wide variety of graduates from a number of different decades.

As I mentioned during Convivium, I have a singular goal for this year, and that is reconnection with brothers. We have such a wide range of brothers across the southeast from all walks of life both professionally and socially and it is a shame that we do not have a stronger connection to so many brothers that have lost contact. In furtherance of this years goal of reconnection I want to propose two (2) charges for our alumni brothers: (1) I hope to have every alumni brother in the State of South Carolina attend at least one of the events on the social calendar contained herein below; and (2) I want every brother that has received this correspondence to reach out to the brothers they attended Newberry College with to ensure that we have updated email addresses for them. Communication is key to accomplishing this goal, and we will not be able to reconnect with our brothers without your help.

Please find below the Social Calendar for the DE Alumni Association for 2020:

  • January 24– Convivium- Columbia, South Carolina- Hickory Tavern (Vista)
  • April 4– Shrimp Boil- Newberry, South Carolina- House in the Woods
  • May 16– DE Alumni Association Golf Tournament- Orangeburg, South Carolina – Orangeburg County Club (Additional details to follow) 
  • August (Final Date TBA)– Kickoff Party- Columbia, South Carolina- River Rat Brewery
  • October 16-17– Homecoming- Newberry, South Carolina- Annual Alumni Meeting will be held on 10/17
                                                Matthew Wade Padgett
                                                                  President- Delta Epsilon
                                   Alumni Association