Homecoming 2022 – DE Alumni Association Annual Meeting

  • October 31, 2022

Please find below the outline of the Annual Meeting for 2022:

Financial Report:

The Alumni Association presently has $8,127.08 in the account as of 10/31/2022. We have had a much better year after a slow start to dues collection.

The Brothers at the annual meeting have approved paying KA’s proportionate share in bringing a consultant to Newberry College to assist in revitalizing Greek life. Estimated cost $1,500.00. See below for more explanation.

Active Chapter:

The Active Chapter is in less than stellar shape, as is all of Greek life at the College. Reports are conflicting but our chapter appears to have between 5-9 members, with our former No.1 dropping his office and the Order as a whole. Our chapter was absent from Rush this fall, but Chris Pratt (Interim No. 1) reports that they have been able to secure a few potential pledges post rush.

It was relayed that both OX and TKE have also dwindled considerably, even so far as boarding up the OX House and TKE Alumni selling their house in Newberry. Sorority recruitment is also likewise down considerably according to the interim director of Greek Life, Michal Smith.

The general consensus from Smith is that the overall interest in Greek life is down considerably, and that our active members are disorganized, and not participating as they should be. Smith has proposed that the College bring in a consultant that will work with Greek life as a whole on campus, particularly the fraternities, to try and work back to a strong presence on campus. While we may all have differing levels of faith in the consultant system, there do not appear to be any other viable options, or proposals on the table to try and get the active chapter back on track. All brothers present voted, and agreed that the KA DA Alumni Association would pay our proportionate part of the cost of this consultant to come to NC and try and spark Greek life back as a whole.

Smith did not explicitly say, but strongly indicated that if KA does not get it back together for 2023, that they may not be on campus any longer.

If anyone has any thoughts, proposals, or anything at all they feel may help the active chapter, please pass it along and we will circulate to the alumni, and school, if applicable.


Our new slate of officers for the Alumni Association for 2023 are:

  • President- Matthew Wade Padgett
  • Vice President- Stuart Register
  • Treasurer- Lawrence “Larry” Walker
  • Secretary- Cameron Lamb
Our Chairmen for the KA DE Foundation for 2 year terms (23′ and 24′) are:
  • Chair- Jayson Audette
  • Vice Chair- Anderson “Sid” Trimmier
No other new or old business was discussed or addressed at the 2022 annual meeting.

We will plan on getting together socially in the new year for Convivium.

                                                Matthew Wade Padgett
                                                                  President- Delta Epsilon
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