KA Commemorative Brick Project at College

  • August 5, 2017
KA Commemorative Brick Project at College


You may have seen information from the College about the Commemorative Brick Campaign that is currently underway. To memorialize and honor our deceased KA Alumni Brothers, a Steering Committee has been formed and is coordinating this effort. Their goals are 1) To have funds to recognize all deceased Newberry KA Alumni with a brick and establish a process that can be perpetuated. 2) To establish a collective, significant, well-located KA area for the memorial bricks that can make a statement and honor both the deceased Brothers and the Chapter. This Steering Committee consist of Lloyd Pearson, Hap Pearce, Woody Cornwell, Wayne Pearson and David Jolly.
This initiative started during a spring gathering of Brothers from the pre-1975 era and was inspired by the untimely death of one of our Brothers, Dr. Jim Johnson. From that gathering funds have been generated to get started ordering bricks to memorialize Jim and ALL of our deceased Brothers. The bricks will be located on the newly established Alumni Walk at the arrowhead in front of the flags at the center of campus. The bricks should be down by the Homecoming game this fall. Be sure to check it out.
Five bricks have already been produced and are currently located at the Reid Family Courtyard at the Center for Teacher Education. These bricks will be moved to the Alumni Walk to join the others. The brick format will be…
First line –        In Memory of
Second line –    Mark Taylor
Third line –      KA Brother ’66
The Alumni Association Treasurer, Russell Laffitte, has established a separate saving account to hold funds dedicated to purchase bricks as needed in the future. If you have not already done so please consider making a donation, any amount, to this cause. Please indicate on your donation that it is for the Brick Fund.
I am attaching a list of 38 Brothers that have passed away. Since I do not know some of the Brothers on the list, I need your immediate help to make sure we have information correct. You will see on the spread sheet that five Brothers have stars beside their name. Can you verify that their name should actually be on the list? You will also see some that are highlighted in blue. Can you tell me the name they used while in school? (example – was it Mike for Michael?).  If for some reason you cannot see the highlighting, those names have their initials in the column. Do you know if a Brother is not on the list? (I hope not but we need to honor all.)
(Contact Woody for this list.)
David Jolly and Woody Cornwell